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Clean and Efficient Use of Coal: ELCOGAS
ELCOGAS has built a coal plant in Spain that reduces CO 2 emissions by an average of 20% and other emissions by 50-80% compared to traditional coal plants. The plant, operational within the Spanish el ... more
EDF prepares to hijack Buffett's takeover of US nuclear group
Famed investor faces legal action over planned acquisition on grounds that his price is too low
Vice-Presidential Debate: Palin vs. Biden On Global Warming
In the Vice Presidential debate earlier this evening, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden each had a strong point of view on global warming. Gwen Ifill, the moderator, specifically questioned Palin about her vi ... more
Great Works
By Tom Lubbock FANTASY OF FLIGHT (c1713-33) Thomas Carwitham TATE BRITAIN, LONDON Absolute helplessness can be envisaged in opposite ways: as total bondage, paralysis - or as a totally passive, fre ... more
Oct. 3, 1947: Birth of Palomar's 'Giant Eye'
1947: After 13 years of grinding and polishing, the Palomar Observatory mirror is completed at Caltech. It was, at the time, the largest telescope mirror ever made in the United States, measuring 200 ... more
What to Look Forward to in 2009
I know it’s a little premature to be talking about 2009 but I wanted to beat the rush, so here are some of things we have to look forward to in 2009. Honda hybrid - Apparently someone finally co ... more
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Our Sun Is Not A Perfect Sphere
Thursday October,02
Mobile Dirty-Bomb Detectors Deployed in New Jersey
How Geeks Use Google Earth to Track Fossett
Bosnian Biodiesel Factory - You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!
Google to Wean US off Coal and Oil
NYC Museum Ship Intrepid Coming Home Shipshape
Darpa Kills Shape-Shifting, Supersonic Bomber
Google PowerVotes: Clean Energy 2030!
Read it and Weep, Clean Coal. Except no one is reading it. Dang.
'Fight or flight' hormone limits aggression: study
Green Diva’s Guide to Fresh Style: Luscious Organic Mod Skin Care
Proposed Power Plant Waste Site Needs More Study, Groups Say
The 'Clean Coal' Myth
Google announces plan to wean US off coal and oil
Plane Wreckage of Adventurer Fossett in Sierra Nevada Mountains
Financial storm dims hope of UN climate pact
United Kingdom: Steelmakers urge EU to improve emissions proposal
China: Trade and climate policies must be linked post-2012
WD Offers NAS for Small Office and Home Users
Spitzer Gets a Supernova Flashback
Public building CO2 footprints revealed
French EU presidency proposes delay for car emission reductions
Italians To Lead Biodiesel Shift From Food Crops to Seaweed
Ugmug's Methane Jaccuzzi
Navys Training Centre Inches Closer to Reality
Drax invests £10m in new facility which will mix renewable biomass materials with coal
Chernobyl Fallout? Plutonium Found In Swedish Soil
Wednesday October,01
Jatropha Biodiesel One Step Closer to Viability: D1 Oils To Deliver First Shipments of Raw Oil
It's the Oil Shale, Stupid
Australia Climate Adviser: Scheme Need Not Boost CPI
Small sacrifice can save the planet
Tsunami Hits New York City
Scientists Design Giant Elevator to the Stars
EPA Sets Yucca Radiation Standards

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