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Australia releases economic base to carbon scheme
Australia's government on Friday released key economic data it will use to design an emissions scheme to combat global warming, predicting economic growth of 2.3 percent in the regime's key ... more
A charged debate over Prop. 7 renewable energy plan
The measure would require utilities in the state to get half their power from renewable energy by 2025. Foes say it would actually hamper electricity production from alternate sources. ... more
Electric Cars and Energy Independence, Part I
Will electric cars and tougher fuel economy standards put America on the super-fast track to oil independence? Not necessarily, says MIT in its recent report, On the Road in 2035 (pdf): Transition ... more
Mandate For Biofuels Production Requires Science-based Policy And Global Perspective
In his State of the Union Address on Jan. 23, 2007, President Bush stated that, in order to substantially lower foreign oil imports, "We must increase the supply of alternative fuels, by setting ... more
Sprint Announces Environmental Leadership Priorities and is Being Recognized By the EPA for Its Goal to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 15 Percent
Sprint (NYSE: S) is announcing an ambitious goal to reduce its total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 15 percent by 2017, along with a set of environmental priorities, as part of its expanded environmen ... more
Fiber Composites: Materials Of Green Energy Production
The trade publication Plastics Technology Online has an excellent technical article on the manufacturing of wind turbine blades. Awesome reading if you are a wind-industry insider. Or, if you have ... more
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Thursday October,02
Google to Wean US off Coal and Oil
Google PowerVotes: Clean Energy 2030!
Clean Energy 2030: Google’s Green Energy Future Revealed -- It’ll Save U.S. $1 Trillion
Indiana's Science Education Reform Gains Financial Boost and Brain Power From Eli Lilly and Company
A fast-fading world of good intentions
Sharp to boost thin film solar capacity 6-fold to 6000 MW by 2014, U.S. hits snooze button
Study highlights 'massive health savings' of stricter climate policies
China: Trade and climate policies must be linked post-2012
MESSENGER Ready For Second Mercury Fly-By
French wind power sector eyes eightfold growth by 2020
Overhaul planned for brownfield register
France Proposes Phasing in CO2 Curbs for Cars
Wednesday October,01
Australia Climate Adviser: Scheme Need Not Boost CPI
50% of Electricity Must Come From Renewables by 2050 to Avert Global Warming: IEA
Scientists Set For MESSENGER's Second Flyby Of Mercury
Schwarzenegger Invites Global Leaders to Talk Carbon Caps
U.S. To Become World’s Largest Biodiesel Consumer by 2012
No New Water for Bay Area Residents Through 2018
Slimming Down Flat-Screen TV Power Use
Honda's Building a Hybrid Motorcycle
Revealed: oil-funded research in Palin's campaign against protection for polar bear
Met Office warns of need for drastic cuts in greenhouse gases from 2010
Tuesday September,30
Honda Planning Hybrid Motorcycle
Will "burger laws" be needed to tackle climate change?
United Kingdom: Meat should be rationed to four portions a week to beat climate change, says Government-funded report
Failure on climate change will 'haunt humanity': Australian expert
EU urged to agree on climate before UN talks open
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Headquarters Will Be One of Washington’s Largest Green Office Campuses
The Enemy is Ourselves: Worst Illegal Amazonian Loggers Revealed by Brazilian Environment Minister
Australia economy can afford emissions trading -expert
UN Report Predicts Renewable Energy Can Create 20M Jobs by 2030
Amazon Deforestation Grows in August, Brazil Says Could Stop in 2015
United Kingdom: Scotland to ride wave of green energy
Rudd advisor toughens carbon cut goals

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