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Waterway Program: Autovias
Autovias's Waterway (Via des Aguas) program aims to mitigate the impacts of its roadways on water resources in Brazil's Guarani aquifer recharge zone. In order to find a solution to prevent ... more
Bee Swarms Follow High-speed 'Streaker' Bees To Find A New Nest
How does a swarm of bees find its way to a new nest site when less then 5 percent of the community knows the way? This is the question that puzzled scientists from Cornell University and the Ohio Stat ... more
Japan Ministry May Punish Officials Entertained By Rice Traders
Text of report in English by Japan's largest news agency Kyodo Tokyo, Oct. 3 Kyodo - The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said Friday it is considering punishing 12 officials iden ... more
Obituary: John Thoday
Obituary: Cambridge geneticist who studied how species adapt
Biodiversity: Mass die-off may already be underway, experts warn
Earth's animal and plant species are vanishing at unprecedented rates, evidence that the planet is facing a tsunami of mass extinction, experts gathering for a global conservation conference next ... more
Deq Offers Changes to Lake Water-Release Proposal
By Courtney Cutright 981-3345 Officials from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality released two reports Wednesday summarizing public comments and suggesting i ... more
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Alhambra Officials Open Water Treatment Plant
TreePeople's Community Forestry center opens
An Inalienable Right to Exist?
Shot Naturalists Would Prey for! ; A Wildlife-Lover Got a Treat When She Spied a Rare Osprey Over the Humber on Its Migration to Sunnier Climes.
Planting Natives
Dog Park Issue Could Be Headed to Court
Torrance is Wishing for Water in Well
Capturing Wildlife Before It's Gone
New Groundwater Treatment Plant Opens
Festival to Celebrate Coastal Resources The Annual Event Includes a Variety of Exhibits and Animals.
Our View the Smoke Clears on a Successful Burn
Tide Foils St. Simons Firefighters Beachfront Home Near Lighthouse Sustains $2.5 Million in Damage
Hearing Begins on Tapping St. Johns Lawyers Air Arguments on River Withdrawals in Central Florida.
Despite Rain, State Water Director Calls for Continued Water Conservation
Ocean Protection Plan is Topic Tonight
New Canadian Dinosaur Species Unveiled
Invisibility Cloak Could Protect Coastlines
Bays On US Gulf Coast Vulnerable To Flooding
Arctic Sea Ice Hits Second-lowest Extent, Likely Lowest Volume
Thursday October,02
NSIDC stunner: Arctic ice at “Likely Record-Low Volume”
Video: Working to Save Central Africa's Forests
Repairs Before Return to Sea
Happy Lesser Bairam to Egypt
Outdoor Activities
Land Trust Films the Crooked River
Small CubeSat Satellites Developed By Researchers And Students
3 Changemaking Water Projects Improve Health & Sanitation in Rural Rwanda, Madagascar and India
Bosnian Biodiesel Factory - You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!
Read Green Initiative Aims to Cut Deforestation, Trash Creation
Peru to Create Environment Police Force to Protect Amazon Biodiversity
Study reveals mysteries of bluefin tuna travels
Pacific Legal Foundation Lawsuit Challenges Polar Bear ESA Listing
Tree Canada Awards Shell, TELUS and Lifford Wine Agency for Their Contributions to the Environment
Minnows Using Fish Channel ; Bypass Lets at-Risk Species Swim Around Water Supply Dam

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